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Through quality superior and professional customer service, Emvelo Quality and Environmental Consultant is committed to be the preferred service provider to all our customers. We conduct our business in a safe and responsible manner and under the South African laws and regulations.

    Environmental Solutions


    • Waste Management Solutions

    • Green Building Solutions

    • Environmental Training and Education

    • Full EIAs & Basic Assessment Reports (BAR) EMPrs,
    • Water Use Licences,

    • Waste Licences,

    • Mining Permits,

    • Environmental Control Officer (ECO) work,

    • Social Facilitation/Public Participation,

    • Environmental Monitoring and Auditing,

    • Surface and Underground water quality monitoring

    • Wetlands Functioning and Delineation

      • Undertaking wetland and riparian zone delineation & classification

      • Developing rehabilitation plans

      • Determining project-specific aquatic buffer widths

      • Recommending best practice mitigation measures that avoid or reduce identified adverse impacts

      • Evaluating the significance of identified impacts to water resources

      • Identification of impacts to wetlands and riparian zones

      • Assessing the ecological importance and sensitivity (EIS) of wetlands and riparian zones

      • Assessing ecosystem services provided by wetlands

      • Assessing the ‘health’ / present ecological state (PES) of wetlands

    Occupational Health and Safety


    • Health & Safety Induction Trainings

    • Health& Safety Plans and Compliance Monitoring

    • Risk Assessments

    • Compiling Health and Safety Files,

    • Occupational Health and safety Management Systems and Auditing

    • Occupational Health & Safety Induction Training

    • Compiling of Health and Safety

    Management Systems


    • ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management Implementation and Auditing) 

    • ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management Implementation and Auditing)



    • Low cost and upmarket developments

    • Causeways and bridges

    • Agriculture

    • All water use activities

    • Industry

    • Mining

    • Petrol filling stations

    • Water reticulation infrastructure (sewage and purified water)

    • Storm water

    • Pipelines

    • Electrical distribution

    • Retail centres

    Public Participation Process


    Emvelo Consultant ensure that all the Interested and Affected Parties are involved during the EIA process by identifying the different stakeholders and facilitating the Public meetings.

    Public participation is the process by which an organization consults with interested or affected individuals, organizations, and government entities before making a decision.

    Public participation is two-way communication and collaborative problem solving with the goal of achieving better and more acceptable decisions. Public participation prevents or minimizes disputes by creating a process for resolving issues before they become polarized.